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Gourmet Pestos

Our pesto range is the perfect combination of freshly sourced ingredients that complement each other just right so you can enjoy a gourmet experience at home with friends and family.

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Gourmet Soups

Our Soups use seasonal produce and freshly sourced ingredients so you can enjoy an epicurean soup experience at home.

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Gourmet Vegan Chunky Dips

Introducing Seasons Gourmet Vegan Chunky Dip range. 

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Fresh, local ingredients

Seasons Gourmet Soups uses only the most freshest and local ingredients.

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Our fine dining range of gourmet soups is available in selected stores throughout the North & South Islands.

Created by seasoned traveller and award-winning Executive Chef Mark Harman, he brings 18 years of priceless experience to the table.

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